European eHealth Literacy Network Meeting

Network meeting in the European Network for eHealth Literacy

Wednesday 13 March 2019 14:00h – 18:00h

Organised by


 European Network for eHealth Literacy, Heidi Enwald, Dr. Lars Kayser


This pre-conference meeting seeks to bring together health professionals, researchers, administrators and other stakeholders with an interest in eHealth Literacy. Starting a conversation across cultures and traditions will contribute to the future development of eHealth Literacy both as a concept and as a tool. To help engage in this discussion we have set three important topics for discussion that are relevant to look into from different cultural perspectives:

1. How is ehealth literacy and health literacy connected with each other? Here, participants are invited to contribute with their view points.

2. How can we use the understanding of eHealth Literacy in design, implementation and evaluation of digital services and technology-based solutions?

3. What are the opportunities for cross-border collaboration in Europe?

Participants who are interested in giving a short presentation in relation to topic one or two are much welcomed.

Currently the eHealth Literacy network is operating as an informal group of members with interests anchored in eHealth Literacy either from a cultural, socio-technical, public health or clinical perspective. The network intends to meet twice a year to facilitate collaborations across Europe. All participants in the pre-conference meeting are welcome to join the network and take part in future projects.


The session is open to all by registration